Hamster Chase is the story of a family of happy hamsters trying to make their way home while on the run from evil Sour Puss. Help Sasha, Goldie, Snowflake and Ting-Ting follow the trail of seeds by guiding them around obstacles in 100 challenging levels! Avoid holes, dodge flying balls, run from spinning tops, veer away from vacuums, and even do battle with Sour Puss himself using spring-loaded boxing gloves :)

The fun doesn't end there: Hamster Chase includes a virtual hamster cage with unlockable toys! Watch hamsters fly off...er, run on their wheel, play hide and seek, and tap on the cage to make them jump!

Did we mention the hamsters also tell jokes?


Features Include:

  • Colorful, cartoony graphics
  • 100 levels
  • Interactive hamster cage!
  • Fashionable Hammy Hats!


Get your copy of Hamster Chase today, and help them get home!