Hyperspace Pinball brings together the action of an arcade shooter with the excitement of classic pinball into a single game where you defend the solar system from an evil alien invasion! Using a light ball, four flippers and your skills as a pinball wizard, you will experience a game like you've never played before with features including:

  • 20 levels of play: Each level has a unique background and variety of enemies all with unique capabilities; including boss battles and bonus boards every five levels!

  • Three levels of difficulty let you work your way from learning how to play to scoring big points!

  • Combos, power-ups and enhancements: Score big combos by hitting as many aliens as possible before the ball touches the flipper. Keep looping the ball around the playfield to get multiball, furyball, jumboball, jackpots and more! Hit all the hazard targets to engage the mini-boss in a 30 second battle to score the big 25,000 point bonus!

  • Leaderboard: Compete for the top scores against other players!

  • Achievements: Advancing through levels and performing special tricks will earn you achievements! Can you get them all?

  • Special Features: Turn the pinballs into shooting stars by leaving colored trails, control the camera, and even have it follow the ball!

  • Three modes of play: Unlock Endurance Mode and see how many aliens you can destroy with one ball; or pursue the extremely hard boss run challenge: Can you beat the enemy ball to 1000 points?


Hyperspace Pinball is available on the App Store, Google Play, Desura (for Windows and Mac users), and the PlayBrassMonkey platforms. Download  your copy and get in the game today!