Gamieon is an independent game development company that aims to provide quality video game software which emphasizes both intellectual and action-driven challenge to the gaming community.

Our company boasts the release of four games over multiple platforms include PC, Mac, iOS and Android. These games include Dominoze Beta, Tiltz, Hyperspace Pinball, Hamster Chase and Domino Arena with more to come!




Domino Arena is a competitive game where you have sixty seconds to make as many dominoes your color as possible. Features include brilliant graphics and music, 20 levels, global leaderboards and multiplayer mode!

Press Kit on Dropbox



Hamster Chase is the story of a family of happy hamsters trying to make their way home while on the run from evil Sour Puss. Features include 100 challenging levels of obstacles, a virtual hamster cage, and Facebook and Twitter integration.

Press Kit on Dropbox



Hyperspace Pinball for the PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad is a cross between classic pinball and an arcade shooter. The objective is to stop an invasion of earth by destroying aliens with a pinball by controlling it with pinball flippers.


Press Kit on Dropbox








Tiltz Deluxe is a physics game for the iPhone and iPad where the objective is to guide falling marbles into barrels using your fingers to pull down ramps that the marbles fall onto. Tiltz is powered by the Unity3D game engine.

The Tiltz Press Kit includes: Cover art, icon, full description and feature list, high quality screenshots, and links to the YouTube trailer and downloads on Desura, App Store and Google Play.


Complete Press Kit (.zip format)

Dominoze is a three-dimensional physics puzzle for the PC where you knock down all the dominoes in thirty rooms by solving various puzzles! Puzzles are solved by rearranging objects on the playfield in order to line all the dominoes up. 


Press materials available on request. Please submit inquiries to support AT gamieon DOT com.