Tiltz is THREE games in one! Guide colorful falling marbles into barrels using your fingers, tilt your phone to make them fall into slots to score big points, and even solve marble puzzles! 

In Tiltz classic mode, players must guide falling marbles into a barrel using their fingers to pull on ramps that tilt up and down over 35 levels. Players can also toss soccer balls, spin maze-wheels, punch marbles with boxing gloves and more...but if too many marbles are dropped, then the game is over. 

In the "Funboard" mode, players are challenged in a race against the clock to tilt the iPhone or iPad itself to guide falling marbles down a pinboard into waiting slots with different point values. The more points earned, the farther the player gets; but which each passing level, the game gets harder! 

In the "Puzzler" mode, you guide colored marbles into their goals using labyrinth-like controls. Instead of dodging holes, you must use your wits to figure out how to get all the marbles where they need to go! The Puzzler comes with 40 levels that you just can't put down! 


Features include:

  • Three games in one!
  • 12 achievements based on scoring and performing special tricks in certain levels! 
  • Game Center integration. Compete with players around the world for the top score! 
  • HeyZap gaming community integration. Meet new people and find friends who play! 


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